Montura® Sashiko Jacket by Kengo Kuma

From 23rd July to 1st November 2021, by making a first donation of
€ 100, you can reserve your Montura® Sashiko Jacket by Kengo Kuma.

You can make the donation by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.

Choose your size carefully by referring exclusively to the size chart you find on this page. After the first donation, we will send you the book published by Montura Editing “Il Grande Viaggio” as a gift.

From 1st to 22nd November 2021, you will receive a request for a donation of € 730 which will allow you to receive your jacket by the end of March 2022, the time needed by Montura® to make this utterly unique item.


Pay a deposit of 100,00 per item

A unisex jacket developed to be an elegant sports jacket, enhancing Made in Italy materials and the technical style of Montura® which can be worn both in informal situations and for more specific events.


The “Confort Fit” size guide is for all those people who need a softer, or less snug fit, especially on the waist and chest.

Compared to the “standard” men’s sizes, the Confort version will have unchanged sleeve and bust length, while the waist and chest widths increase by approximately 2 sizes, corresponding to approximately 10 cm on the total circumference.

Attenzione: la giacca viene prodotta nella taglia selezionata, per cui non è possibile cambiare taglia una volta data la conferma della donazione.

Pay attention: the jacket is produced in the selected size. It is not possible to change size once the donation has been confirmed.